Nantong Tianhong's Proactive Efforts During Pandemic

April used to mean bathing in warmth and sunshine. But not this April for Nantong. Public transportation stopped, restaurants closed and classes suspended, all because of the sudden outbreak of the pandemic.

In the face of the complex pandemic prevention and control measures, Nantong Tianhong took their responsibility and acted proactively. According to the requirements from authorities, Nantong Tianhong worked closely with the staff of medical, public security, urban management, transportation and communities, in a concerted effort to win this battle against the pandemic.

Rapid response and prompt deployment. In view of the current situation, Nantong Tianhong pandemic prevention and control task force held emergency meetings to further clarify and divide the work responsibilities of various departments and operation stations, requiring all officers and workers to resolutely carry out measures in a quick, strict, and cautious way, and that the prevention measures should be placed as a priority to ensure environmental sanitation.

Strengthen supervision, guarantee supplies and protect employee safety. In order to further strengthen employees’ health and safety within the company, Nantong Tianhong carried out nucleic acid tests for all employees, and improved the guard duty management to ensure that any car or person entering the gate should carry a negative test result. In addition, the company sent out masks, gloves and other protective items to front-line sanitation workers, equipped disinfectant for all operational fleets, and provided protective gowns for workers at control stations.

Intensify disinfection efforts. The operators shall strictly wash and disinfect all garbage bins, kitchen waste bins and bus stops in the assigned area, increase the disinfection frequency in places with higher people density to ensure the safe use of public facilities. In addition, the company also strengthened the disinfection of Chuanjiang transfer station, solid waste transfer centers, various operation fleets and office buildings. Among them, waste transfer stations would carry out 10 to 20 disinfection works every day, and garbage collection was kept account with the collection source and dumping time to ensure traceability of the waste.

Improve efficiency and ensure the safety of test stations. Since March 30, Tongzhou District has carried out numerous rounds of nucleic acid test. Nantong Tianhong increased the frequency of clearing, cleaning and disinfection on kitchen waste bins near test stations while protecting the safety of station workers. Sanitation of the surrounding roads was also strictly monitored. Traffic on the road could be resumed after all the tests were completed on the day.

Daily cleaning and reducing the retention of waste. In order to ensure that the waste is cleared daily and the virus transmission is effectively blocked, the cleaning management office, after vehicle disinfection and personal protection, strictly followed the schedule to start operation on time to ensure that the wastes are accurately classified, collected and cleared daily. For waste collection points in areas with more commercial blocks, hotels and markets, collection and inspection frequency would be increased to strengthen the cleaning of the surroundings. At the same time, through the establishment of special waste collection and transportation channels, the company designated personnel to collect and transfer waste on high-speed roads to reduce the retention time of waste.

With the commitment of the party members, the efforts of the medical staff and the sanitation workers and concerted wish of all people, we should eventually win this battle against the Covid.


Disinfecting a bus stop


Disinfecting an operation vehicle